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Carenage Workers

Question: Many of the earliest French arrivals from Saint-Barthelemy, found employment
at the Carenage as tillers and gardeners about the year 1865. Do you know the name of their employer?

Answer: A Spanish gentleman named Don Jose Fuentes.

Carenage Rum Shop

Question: Who owned and operated the first Rum Shop at the Carenage and when?

Answer: It was Saint-Barth-born Georges Daniel, about 1880. *It is said that that he enjoyed drinking it as much as selling it…!* 🙂

Le Montauban

Question: Who gave the name “Le Montauban” to Buck Island near St. Thomas?

Answer: The original Montauban was a Huguenot Fortress in France. It was destroyed by order of the Cardinal Richelieu in his persecution of the Huguenots. Le Montauban was in Languedoc and the French dialect spoken by the people there, was similar to that spoken by the immigrants who lived at the Carenage.

St. Barth’ Nobility

Question: Which Saint-Barth family is descended from the lesser nobility?

Answer: The Ledee family… The original Ledee migrant to the Antilles, Rene Ledee, was a “second-son” in a family of the lower nobility. Knowing that he could never inherit, ReneLedee signed an agreement to travel to Saint-Christophe, as an indentured servant.

Le Carenage

Question: How did the French Village of the immigrants from Saint-Barth acquire the name, “Le Carenage” ?

Answer: The word, “carenage” means a place where sailing vessels are turned over or “careened” for repairs
and maintenance.

The English Royal Mail Company owned a dockyard on the shores of Gallows Bay and also brought their ships to dry dock on a small island about 150 feet from the shores of Gallows Bay. This is where their ships were careened for repairs and maintenance. When the French immigrants built a village around the shores of Gallows Bay, it was given the name, “Le Carenage.”