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The Adventures of Jean-Pierre Mongoose

The story is about a young mongoose who is forced to leave his parental home and fend for himself. He finally settles in French-town near an overflowing garbage bin. He becomes intrigued with the habits of the human-people, especially someone the call Chris Muss.

One day, while trying to catch a rat, a man steps on his tail. That sends him flying and when he fell back to the ground he runs after the human-man intending to bite him. While doing that the the mongoose hears the guavaberry song and becomes obsessed with finding some guavaberries. Our little mongoose travels to Guavaberry Hill to work and earn some guavaberries.

I have chosen a few comments from my children’s book…

“Don’t worry Mr. Iguana. I am not trying to kill you. I am Jean-Pierre and I am a mongoose from Frenchtown. I came here to get some

Oh Yeah? Well I am Ignacious Iguana and I live here. You can drop the Mister, everyone calls me Iggy guana. What is a French-town anyway?” Iggy guanna wanted to know.

From another chapter.. At an engagement party..

Freddie Frog’s Orchestra pitched into a Mongoose Meringue and immediately the dancing area was crowded.

At intermission, there was a stage performance by a company of hermit crabs which the human-people call ‘soldier’ crabs.”