3 – First French In the Antilles

originally posted 02/19/2001

…They had origins in Aquitaine, Flanders, Poitou, Burgundy, Provence, Saintonge and from the Province of Berry. They came from the towns and cities of La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Chateau-Chinon, Rennes, Rouen, Nantes, Marseille, Saint-Arnoult, Sansais, Toulon, Nice, Lille, Agen, Saint-Brieuc and Bastia, in Corsica. These are the origins of the French from Saint-Barthelemy.

(This information is from  Le Peuplement de Saint-Barthelemy by Jean Deveau)

The following are the dates of some of the marriages between arrivals from Europe and descendants of the early settlers on Saint-Barthelemy, between the years 1724 and 1833…

1724 Pierre Mathieu, native of La Rochelle, espoused Catherine Ledee.
1725 Jerome LaVigne, native of Bordeaux, espoused Anne Magras.
1731 Jean-Baptiste Montgouge, a native of Rouen, espoused Jeanne-Rose Bernier.
1733 Jean Texier, native of La Rochelle, espoused Marie Bernier.
1733 Andre Rey, of Issoire espoused Magdaleine Ledee.
1752 Pierre Danet, native of Nantes, in Brittany, espoused Margueritte Greaux.  He is the ancestor of all the Danets of Saint-Barthelemy.
1760 Pierre Berne, native of Rennes espoused Angelique Magras.
1762 Joseph Roustan, native of Marseille, married Marie-Rose Pimont, widow of Jacques Greaux, the former commandant of the island.
1763 Gabriel Lalaire, of Quebec, Canada, espoused Suzanne Ledee.
1765 Louis Lorange, native of Toulon, espoused Marie-Rose Greaux.
1766 Claude Le Blanc, native of Nice, espoused Suzanne Questel.
1766 Georges Sorin, native of Pons, in Saintonge, espoused Rose Mulryan.
1774 Antoine Giraud, native of Saint-Martin de Re, espoused Marie-Marthe Vittet.
1775 Jean-Jacques Olive, native of Marseille, espoused Henriette Questel.
1787 Jean Querrard, native of the Nantes region, espoused Suzanne Le Blanc, daughter of Claude Le Blanc.
1789 Andre Texier, native of Marseille, espoused Jeanne Questel.
1794 Charles Curet, native of Marseille, espoused Florence Magras.
1795 Jacques Andre Blanchard, native of Lille, espoused Marianne Questel.  He is the ancestor of all the Blanchards of  Saint- Barthelemy.
1795 Jean Derripx, originally from Casgogne, espoused Marie-Marthe Greaux.
1795 Charles Vantre. native of Marseille, espoused Marie-Magdaleine Greaux.
1795 Francois Dalchet, originally of Agen, espoused Marianne Magras.  This name is sometimes written Dalche, sometimes Darche or Darcher.
1796 Etienne Maussion de La Berliere, native of  Sainte-Martin de Re, espoused Felicite Laplace on May 12, she died on 8th September of the same year.
1796 Jean-Baptiste La Montagne, native of La Marche espoused Elisabeth Bernier.
1799 Joseph Turbe, Official of the French Navy, a native of Nantes, espoused Anne-Rose Greaux.  He is the ancestor of all the Turbes of Saint-Barthelemy.
1801 Manuel Gonzalez, of San Sebastian in Spain, espoused Honoree Ledee.
1802 Etienne Blanchard, native of Menton espoused Suzzanne Ledee. It seems that he did not remain on Saint-Barthelemy.
1802 Pierre Viannis, native of Marseille, espoused Catherine Berry.
1803 Lazare Chapelain. native of Marseille espoused Genevieve Danet.
1807 Joseph Boissel, native of Vesoul espoused Catherine Laplace.
1813 Jean Robinet, native of La Rochelle espoused Marie-Anne Magras.
1817 Phillipe Degausse, native of Bordeaux, espoused Anne Ledee.
1818 Joseph Lange Spanet, native of La Carierre (Bouche du Rhone);  espoused Rosalie Greaux.
1819 Joseph Lagoix, native of Genoa espoused Marie-Marthe Ledee.
1819 Jean Baquie, native of Pau espoused Marie-Elisabeth Blanchard.
1821 Florentin Passerat, native of Saint-Brieuc espoused Marie-Magdaleine Mayer.
1824 Frederic Julien, of Marseilee espoused Marie-Rose Ledee.
1828 Jean-Baptiste Aubery, native of La Rochelle, espoused Angelique-Rose Greaux.
1829 Louis Monie, originally of Picardie, espoused Elisabeth Greaux, sister of  Angelique-Rose.
1829 Jean-Joseph Meissonnier, native of Draguignan, esoused Rosaline Greaux.
1829 Charles-Louis Cigogne of Nantes, espoused Elisabeth Danet.
1833 Angel-Francois Phillipe, native of Bastia in Corsica, was married to Elisabeth Greaux, widow of  Louis Monie.

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