St. Anne’s Chapel 90th Anniversary Commemorative Book

On page 130 of the St. Anne’s Chapel 90th Anniversary Book, Fr. Charles Crespo writes, “This book was conceived and assembled by a very small group of people, who gave many hours to the project.” Unfortunately, all 400 copies were sold and there will not be another printing.

This book was Fr. Crespo’s idea from the beginning. He assembled a team of persons he knew would work diligently until the project was complete.

When Fr. Crespo asked me to write the early history, I was surprised. Before saying yes, I thought about what it would mean and how some persons might feel hurt because they were not asked. I pondered and I prayed. Finally, realizing that if I did not help him, some items of mis-information might get into the book and add to what was already out there. Eventually, I said yes. I would help him.

We worked long hours, diligently, weeding out all mis-information that was given by others in the community. Besides writing the history of the early years, I proof-read and edited each draft as I received it.

Two other members of the team are Marianne Magras and Theresa, (Terry) Richardson who together, coordinated the advance orders and
payments for the book. They were swamped. Everyone wanted a copy.

The fifth member of the team, Cindy Richardson, had perhaps the most difficult task of all. She designed the ads and did the layout of the book.

Together, the five of us worked as a team and prayed for guidance. At last, we have a beautiful history book of St. Anne’s Chapel, brimming
with photographs, collected from the community, from the early years to the present.

Anne-Marie Danet

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