3 – French in Puerto Rico

originally posted 02/21/2001

All the information on the list of Baptisms and of Marriages were contributed by Eduardo Questell of Ponce, Puerto Rico.  Eduardo is a descendant of natives of Saint-Barthelemy.

From the Register of Marriages in Guayama, Puerto Rico:

5 Feb. 1821 Pierre Ledee, legitimate son of Pierre Ledee and Suzanne Greaux to Marie-Antoinette Serge, legitimate daughter of Louis Serge and Louise Magras.-All natives of Saint-Barthelemy and settlers in this parish (Guayama) for 16 years, in the District of Guayabo(?) Dulce.
24 Nov. 1821 Sieur Pierre Greaux, 34 years of age, native of Saint-Barthelemy, and legitimate son of Joseph Greaux and Marie-Magdaleine Questel… to Dona Maria de Rivera, 17 years of age.
17 Jul. 1822 Sieur Silvestre Renaus, native of the town of Chatearous(?)  in the kingdom of France.  Legitimate son of Sieur Silvestre Renaus and  Dona..N… to Elisabeth Bernier, legitimate daughter of Pierre Bernier and Eleanore Peret(?)
20 Jan. 1823 Joseph Emmanuel Ledee, native of Saint-Barthelemy, legitimate son of Pierre-Paul Ledee and Catherine-Louise Mayer..to Marie Simonne Bernier, legitimate daughter of Jean-Pierre Ledee and  Leonore Peret(?)

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