An African Village Pt 3

I have contacted persons who knew Miss Sarah in the middle and late 1940s and during the rest of her life. According to Mr. Axel Magras, he
remembers going with his two older sisters, when he was about five years of age, to buy blood pudding from Miss Sarah.

Mr. Magras says he remembers Miss Sarah very well because he was the one who used to go to buy the blood pudding when he was old enough to go alone.

From Mr. Magras I learned about the evolution of the village site at Demerara and how it became known as “Riverside Drive Forty-Five”

Mr. Magras related to me about the changes and how new people came to live at Riverside Drive Forty-Five during the years he was growing up. He knew and interacted with some of the new residents. He mentioned the names of several persons whom I do not know but he also mentioned Magnus, the well known stilt walker as one of the residents of Riverside Drive Forty-Five.

In May of this year, 2013, I personally paid a visit to the site where the village once stood. Nothing is left, of the original nor even of what came later. I saw traces of where the fence had once stood but that is all. Since it is now private property, I did not go inside.

When Axel gets better, I will ask him to try to contact more of his old friends to see what they remember. Until then, we have to hang on to
what we already remember.

Anne-Marie Danet

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