2 – French in Puerto Rico

originally posted 02/21/2001

(The names have been translated from the Spanish back to the original French.  All were registered in Spanish for convenience of the language)

…From the Register Of Baptisms, the parish of Guayama, we find the following baptisms.  All persons white unless noted otherwise…

Laurence, Legitimate son of Jose Vasquez and  Louise Serge.  4 July, 1819
Paul, Legitimate son of Pierre Ledee and Catherine-Louise Mayer.  15 January, 1820
Pierre, Legitimate son of Michel Ledee and Venancia  Roche.  16 January, 1820.  The godparents were Jean-Pierre Bernier and  Catherine Roche
Lucie,  Legitimate daughter of Pierre Curet ans Rose Maye or Mayer. 13 November, 1820.   Godparents were Pierre Ledee and Marie-Antoinette Giraud
Jean-Francois, Legitimate son of Jean-Marie Roche and Marie-Louise Aubin.  4 June, 1821.  Godparents were Benjamin Flori and  Marie Sophia Roche
Marie-Josephine,  Legitimate daughter of Jose Vasquez and  Louise Serge.  7 September, 1821
Maria del Pilar,  Legitimate daughter of Michel Ledee and Venancia Roche Ledee.  25 January, 1822
Jean-Pierre, Legitimate son of Sieur Pierre Greaux and Dona Maria Florencia de Rivera.  21 September, 1822
Pedro,  Natural son of Pierre Curet and Andrea  Rosada.   26 July, 1823
Luis Innocencio,  Natural son of Marie Aubin.    January, 1824
Joseph Delfin,  Legitimate son of Alexandre Ledee and Anne Giraud.  21 January, 1824.   Godparents were Joseph Ledee and  Petrona Mande
Marie-Roseaura,  Legitimate daughter of Jean-Marie Roche and Marie-Louise Aubin.  21 January, 1824.   Godparents were Don Luis Sanchez  and   Marie Aubin
Josephine, Legitimate daughter of Joseph Ledee and  Simonne Bernier.  18 March, 1824.  Godparents were Pierre Greaux and Catherine Mayer
Marcelino (Marcel),  Legitimate son of Dominique Benjamin  Chauset and Felicite Berry.  17 February, 1824.  Godparents were Marcel Berry..and ?
Angel, Legitimate son of Michel Ledee and  Venancia Roche.   7 May, 1824.   Godparents were Joseph Maurice Ledee Anne Giraud
Maria Petrona,  Legitimate daughter of Don  Sivestre Reno (?) and Elisabeth Bernier.   17 July, 1824
Jean-Louis,  Born 30 December 1825;   Legitimate son of Jean-Pierre Serge and Marie Antoinette Aubin.  Godparents were Georges Aubin, Maurice Bernier and Rose Bernier

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